The first edition of the Asian Curatorial Forum was held in Dhaka (Bangladesh) between 9 and 11 February, 2017. Professionals from 12 countries of Asia gathered on this unconventional platform of exchange with the ambition to bring fresh perspectives on shared issues in the field of art curating across the continent. Through several  thematic discussions, participants endeavoured to outline a common definition of what “to curate” could mean today on the continent. These discussions are now available on  video on this website.

The organisation of the Asian Curatorial Forum resulted from a joint effort between various  art organisations of different countries, scope, size and ambition. It took place in Bangladesh, a country where the rapidly evolving arts scene demands for the establishment of local curatorial practices. The Forum included the presentations of a number of local and regional art initiatives to enhance their international visibility and anchor the discussions within the context of the country and its region.

The organisers are currently working on a second edition of the Asian Curatorial Forum.